How CarryForMe Works

  • Order a Purchase

    Order a Purchase

    Shopping without borders

    1. Look for an item you wish to order on a particular store or on a website. 

    2. Then you need to contact the traveler and send a detailed description of your purchase request like links, physical store location, photos, price etc.  

    3. When the traveler accepts your request you must pay online the price of the item and the traveler's commission. Once the traveler has accepted your request, you need to make payment online for the price of an item you wish to buy as well as the traveler’s commission

    4. Carry For Me holds the money until the delivery as the traveler pays in advance from their pocket for your purchase request.

    5. Once your order is delivered to you, we release the traveler's payment.

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  • Post a trip

    Post a trip

    Earn while you travel

    1. You can rent extra space in your luggage by carrying a purchase or package. 

    2. Post your trip details mentioning about the available space you have and whether you agree to make purchases. 

    3. Decide how much money you want to earn from your trip. 

    4. If your advertisement interests a package sender or a purchase requester, you will be contacted through Carry For Me . 

    5. Update your profile by providing the requested documents in order to accept purchase or courier/shipment requests. 

    6. Your payment is released once you have delivered the shipment or the purchase to the receiver. You will receive your payment in the account updated on your profile.

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  • Ship an Item

    Ship an Item

    Find a traveler who can ship your package or personal items

    1. You can send documents and personal items through Carry For Me, but sealed parcels or packets on which travelers don’t have control can’t be sent. 

    2. Get in touch with a traveler and send them details about the package to be shipped which includes Pick up location, Delivery location, links, photographs of product, type of product etc. 

    3. Once you have submitted package shipment request to the traveler, complete your profile by sending the requested documents. 

    4 . Once the traveler has accepted your request, you are requested to pay in advance the price of traveler’s transport commission.  We hold the amount you have paid with us until the shipment is delivered by the traveler at the destination. 

    5 . You can then meet the traveler and handover your package. Once it is delivered, we unlock the traveler's payment.

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